Antioxidants are the molecules that neutralize the oxidative free radicals and oxidative molecules and thus protect the cells from the consequences of oxidative damage induced pathological conditions. Certain antioxidants, along with their ability to prevent oxidative damage, have the potential to regulate uncontrolled immune responses and thus play a crucial role in the management of metabolic and cardiovascular conditions. Resveratrol is one such molecule that has a multitude of benefits when consumed.

Resvenox® is a standardized extract prepared from the roots of the Polygonum cuspidatum, containing a minimum of 95% resveratrol. It is a potent preparation to support heart health.

Botanical description

Polygonum cuspidatum is an herbaceous perennial plant of the family Polygonaceae. It is commonly called Asian knotweed or Japanese knotweed. It is native to East Asia i.e., Japan, China, and Korea. Morphologically it has hollow stems with distinct raised nodes and may reach a maximum height of 3–4 m. The leaves are broad oval with a truncated base, 7–14 cm long and 5–12 cm broad, with an entire margin. The flowers are small and appear creamy or white-colored and are produced in erect racemes during late summer and early autumn.

Polygonum cuspidatum